Pole with Power

Coaching sustainable pole dance with a side of stripper sparkle ✨ — bringing the thrills with provocative and playful pole performances.

A passion for pole...

Thank you for visiting my site! I am very passionate about sharing my love of pole dance via coaching and performing. I inspire people to move like a strong hot bitch – sensual, embodied, confident and sexy!

I’ve been pole dancing since 2007, teaching and performing since 2011, and in 2019, became a stripper.

Wondering what kind of trouble I will get into next? Follow along to watch me on my journey...


My Coaching Mission


With every lesson, I provide a technical foundation, space for exploration and connection to the self. I also emphasize body care via balanced training. I strive to provide a safe space for people to express all the parts of themselves, including their sexual side -- I stand for sexual empowerment!

It is my goal to show you how good it can feel to move, fully accepting yourself in all your fabulous glory. I believe you are strong and beautiful! I am here to help you move freely and express your sensual and sexual self.

My Artist Mission


My mission as an artist is to perform sensually erotic, highly physical, and embodied acts to set a nasty, sexy, fun, and fun vibe for sex parties while authentically expressing my sexuality and emotional states allowing me to be present with the moment and play with the audience and space.

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“Private training with Stella helped me not  just refine my technique, but also find my inner sex kitten."

- Sarah, Brooklyn


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