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Coaching sustainable pole movement with a side of stripper sparkle. ✨

One-On-One Coaching

Are you feeling stuck with your pole training and in need of a shift? Whether you are a beginner or have been pole dancing for many years, I can help you bring more intention and direction to your training. Through focused, detailed and invigorating one-on-one coaching time, I can help you understand and feel deeper into your mind-body connection providing a new level of awareness and freedom in your pole movement.

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 Coaching Mission

With every lesson, I provide a technical foundation, space for exploration and connection to the self. I also emphasize body care via balanced training. I strive to provide a safe space for people to express all the parts of themselves, including their sexual side -- I stand for sexual empowerment!

It is my goal to show you how good it can feel to move, fully accepting yourself in all your fabulous glory. I believe you are strong and beautiful! I am here to help you move freely and express your sensual and sexual self.


What is the difference between coaching and teaching?

Teaching is imparting knowledge that is known to the student. It is collaborative and involves listening to your student’s needs and using any and all tools available to provide that knowledge and capacity to the student. Teaching is addressing certain problems and searching for solutions for those problems. 

Coaching turns the focus from the issue at hand (ex: an invert), and instead calls the student forward to check in with how they are being with themselves. It's an invitation to look at how we relate to ourselves while we are doing ‘the thing’. Coaches ask questions! As opposed to only cueing placement and shape, in the context of movement, with coaching, questions are being asked about what you are feeling and sensing in your body. Coaching is more question based and pulls forth a different level of development in people.


What do I hope to give people through coaching pole and movement?

Through coaching, I hope to guide you to a new level of connection with yourself. I aim to cultivate a more enjoyable pole and movement practice where you could just put on some music and move, enjoying the process along the way.

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