Provocative. Steamy. Dirty.

Stella dances like the borough she came from.


Stella (she/her) is a pole dance artist, teacher, and performer born and raised in the big, juicy apple. She discovered the world of stripping and pole dance while on spring break. At 18, a wild and precocious Stella felt an arousing desire to perform gravity defying and seductive acts after witnessing some pretty bad-ass hot bitches at a Montreal strip club who were crushing hearts and blowing minds 💔 🤯

Shortly after, Stella installed her first pole at home. She learned by watching YouTube videos and instructional DVDs—anyone remember Fawnia Mondey and Jamilla Deville?

A couple years later, she enrolled in classes at world-renowned aerial studio, Body & Pole, in Chelsea. What started out as a form of sexual expression, quickly became a burning hot obsession. She was all in. 

By 2011, Stella was teaching in Long Island, and Brooklyn. Sharing her passion afforded her the focus to be more intimate with her body and movement quality. Her lust for showcasing fluid, strong, and sensual pole style grew and so did her performance repertoire.  


Stella performed frequently for showcases, go-go gigs, and private events. Her credits include International Pole Convention, House of Yes, Schtick a Pole In It, and Polesque. She also became a national pole competitor which pushed her skill level and exposure. Through performances and competition Stella’s notoriety for sex appeal, floorwork, and static rotations garnered her an audience in the classroom and on social media leading to more opportunity teaching nationally and internationally.

Nearly a decade later, a desire to explore her sexual expression led Stella to pursue stripping—bringing her dance experience full circle. 

This stage has brought a more embodied, explicit, and sensual dimension to her pole and floorwork as well as a more intimate connection to her audience. The level at which Stella can now hold space and attention while on stage magnifies with her intention to seduce. 

Stella currently teaches weekly classes at Body & Pole, one of Brooklyn’s finest pole studios. She continues to strip and develop her craft in movement, performing, and coaching.



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